Educational Design Second Degree Single-Major Study Programme – Teaching Option



Graduates of the Educational Design single-major study programme of the second degree – teaching option find employment within the broad range of professional activities, while it is foreseen that the majority will take on jobs requiring a wide range of knowledge from the field of technology, communication skills and analytical skills. These qualifications enable graduates to find employment also across national borders, especially as they acquire the IGIP licence enabling their degree to be recognised and guaranteeing equal inclusion on the labour market of over 72 members of the IGIP association. These fields can be divided into the following categories:

  • formal educational institutions – professional higher education institutions and vocational colleges, secondary schools and vocational schools as well as primary schools;
  • informal educational organisations in the economy and the non-economic sector as organisers and implementers of education;
  • project work (organising social events and processes);
  • work in research institutions,
  • work in applicative and research institutions (profit and non-profit);
  • the media.

In these fields, the graduates can conduct tasks that are related to planning and implementation of professional, developmental, research and educational activities, participate in advisory work, in animation for educational work, in the popularisation of modern forms of teaching and learning, in innovation projects, in the organisation of projects from the field of natural sciences, mathematics, design, computer science, culture, youth work and voluntary work.

The advantage of our graduates lies precisely in the broad spectrum of employability, as their study combines two fundamental fields – social sciences and technology. We believe that from the viewpoint of the growing importance of flexibility required from the labour force, the broad spectrum of employment options is the best insurance for a successful placement of graduates of this programme on the Slovenian (and international) labour market.


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