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Associate Professor Amand Papotnik, PhD.
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Office: 01/11
Phone number: +386 2 2293 788


Short CV

  • I mostly operate in two fields, i.e. subject-related didactics and creative development of technical, technological, organisational and ergonomic procedures, models, examples and innovations for in-practice use (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school).
  • My professional articles and discussions deal with work strategies for the fields of technology and design, textbook materials, use of the computer in technology and design, articulation of the study process, values of engineering design and project tasks for a friendly and efficient acquisition and development of creative capabilities.
  • I actively participate in different commissions for the technological field that operate within the frameworks of The National Education Institute, the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia and the Friends of Youth Association in grading research work prepared by the youth.
  • I strive for providing students good working and study conditions and achievements in preparation and implementation of seminar work, above all in research and technical and innovative diploma theses and for transferring these results into the educational process and the general teaching practice.


Description of the Research Field

  • My scientific and research work focuses on the research of didactic problems, activities and components relating to pre-school, primary and secondary education. In this relation, I can stress the research activity connected to the research, development and evaluation of project work in design and technology.
  • Supported by theory and empirical research, I develop strategies, procedures and methods that constitute a comprehensive and creative image of didactics of design and technology in the entire vertical (from pre-school to lower secondary level).


Description of Participation in Projects


  • Qualification of Teachers of Technical Theoretical Subjects and Practicum in the Republic of Slovenia (1997). This research established the quality of qualifications of these teachers from the viewpoint of conducting job-related tasks. The research was conducted in cooperation with Boris Aberšek PhD. and Gorazd I. Gumzej, MSc.
  • Didactic Aspects of Computer and Information Science in the Slovenian Educational System (1997).  Developer and project manager Ivan Gerlič, PhD. In this context, I conducted The Computer as a Teaching Aid and Use of the Computer in Technical Education (Design and Technology) research and obtained important results relating to such use.
  • Aspects of Hidden Curriculum from the Viewpoint of Developing Technical Creativity (2004). In this research, I obtained reliable and correct indicators on the importance and role of design and technology in the pre-school period and within the framework of the hidden curriculum.
  • Development of Science Competences, Maribor, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (2008 – 2013). Project Manager: Ivan Gerlič, PhD. As part of this project, I am conducting the Generic and Subject Specific Competences for Engineering Design and Technical Creativity research.


Subjects Taught


  • No more subjects taught - retired professor


Office Hours


  • Monday: 11.00 am– noon
  • Tuesday: 5 pm – 6 pm




Research Activity


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